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Manuela Spaggiari

eine Thai-Yoga-Massage ist eine entspannende und ausgleichende Körperarbeit, die ihren Ursprung im alten Heilsystem der traditionellen thailändischen Medizin hat

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Alona Harpaz

A session can bring more clarity to see things just as they are, without the story that we tell ourselves about who we are. Any session is like an opening and chance to touch areas that usually we do not see. Discover the unbelievable strength and wisdom which we are, beyond all the stress and outside the duties that we imagine us to have. Seeing yourself and your relationship situations with clarity is the shortcut to a more blissful life.

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Garifalia Mioteri

Classical massage

Deep tissue


Energetic Massage (reiki+massage)

Lymphdrainage (face + body) 

Pregnant massage

Anti-cellulite massage 

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